We develop applications for the Android platform

As well as developing our own applications, we also provide contracting services for Android development, specialising in video & audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP), but also covering all areas of Android development.

DSP refers to the processing of “real-world” signals (music, voice, images and video are just examples) and extracting data out of them, these are the things that add “magic” you you app and make it stand apart.

The growth and scope of Android ensure it a must for businesses serious about mobile applications, more and more Android devices are being sold everyday. It stands to reason that having a presence in the space will give your application or web platform visibility and availability to a large number of potential users.

Android stands apart from the competitors because it is open-source, this means that anyone can go to the Android source code and view it. This public-domain presence gives users and developers the benefit of being able to find out everything that the software is doing and how it is done. Although obviously most users though most don’t care – it is an important source of information and security for those that do. The open-source nature of Android also means that anyone can get invloved and help shape it’s future, a very democratic ideal.


If you would like to enquire about our services you can contact us at sales@sentinelweb.co.uk or you can also use the contact form